Today Louise is asking our expert about Corporate Wellness.


Louise: You keep using the term corporate wellness. Is it some kind of fitness regime for employees of an organisation? What exactly do you mean by that?

miamo: The term wellness combines wellbeing and fitness. Usually people talk about fitness and wellbeing of a person. As any company depends on its people the term corporate wellness stands perfectly for what businesses today need more than ever before. Any company needs to be healthy and fit to master today’s challenges (local or global ones). It needs to be healthy in regards to finance and performance and fit in regards to skills, knowledge and innovation. There is a need for balanced work and life requirements.


Louis: So, is it about employees’ wellbeing then?

miamo: Of course it is. Everything a company achieves is the result of its employees’ work. That includes the management. In today’s competitive environment there is no future without innovation – no innovation without creativity – no creativity from unmotivated, unwell staff. A company is an organism with cells that all need to stay well for it to survive. If its vision and value system that is not understood or shared, an organization that inhibits rather than encourages creativity, a work/life balance that is totally out of order – is likely to face weakening performance.


Louis: What is the present picture in regards to health of employees?

miamo: Statistic I found show the following:

  • 10% of Australian workers are sedentary
  • 40% do minimal exercise
  • 12% exercise less than one hour per week
  • 46% have high-fat diets
  • 21% smoke daily
  • 92% eat less than the recommended servings of 5-9 serves of fruit  & vegetables
  • 53% feel overwhelmed with pressure and stress “a significant amount of the time”


Louis: How will companies benefit from introducing this new Corporate Wellness philosophy?

miamo: Implementing this approach will eventually lead to a healthier relationship between management, staff, customers and suppliers. It will reduce sick leaves, will lead to higher motivation and productivity. Employees will be more encouraged to do more work and longer hours in the office. Prerequisites are: Staff being able to manage stress better and to develop a different mind-set. To do s,o the right work, life and relaxation balance has to be in place. The healthier and happier a person is the more productive and the better team player this person becomes.


Now over to you – do you think Corporate Wellness is needed? What would you get out of it? Share with us in the comments below.