5 Benefits of Wellness Coaching

  1. get clear about your wellness goals
  2. learn from an expert about wellness tools
  3. know how to make choices to improve your health and well being
  4. gain ownership of your wellness
  5. achieve your full potential

Why would I need a wellness coach?

Even though most of us have more and more access to everything healthy we are more and more ill. Obesity rates of over 50%, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic illnesses are on the rise.

A lot of this is due do a lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption and poor eating habits.

If any of this is part of your life you might need a wellness coach to help.

What does a wellness coach do?

A wellness coach will support you in making better choices around food and movement, helps you in coping better with stress and managing your weight.

Most wellness coaches will look at different aspects of your life, shown here in the wellness wheel:


Over all a wellness coach will help you to become a better version of you.

The wellness coach will support and encourage you and facilitate change in the direction you would like to move. This is done by introducing healthy behaviours in small steps into your life.

Through ongoing coaching and accountability the wellness coach makes sure you are able to implement these healthy behaviours step by step into your life without making you more “busy”.

Who can benefit from Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching can benefit anyone that is open to learn more about how to life a better life and ready to implement it.

Having someone at your side when you desire to change, help you become aware of obstacles that might be in your way, help you overcome negative self-talk and believes will keep you on track and see you achieve your goals faster.

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