How To Survive The Christmas Season

It’s already December again – can you believe how time flies? Only a few more sleeps and the holiday season is upon us. But until then it can still be a tough time, and I am not even sure if most of us experience the holidays as something relaxing. So how to best survive the Christmas Holidays this year?

Why Are We Stressing Out Anyway?

Right now most of us are busy with organizing presents, getting things wrapped up at work because we will be unavailable for a few weeks and maybe in addition we have to organize our travel arrangements for the summer holidays (if you are on the southern hemisphere like we are).

Plus most families plan a get together, so you have to get that organized as well. So you are worrying about where to be when, what to bring, how to keep everybody happy, from toddler to great-grandma. Not an easy task at the best of times.

What Can You Do About It?

So how can you – besides booking yourself into a de-stress retreat – stay sane and calm throughout this hectic period and even enjoy it?

That’s were our top-ten-tips for the frantic holiday season come in handy. Take on board what works for you, with our best holiday wishes for you and your family.

  1. Let go of perfection
    Go with the 80-20 rule. Trying to get everything perfect will cause you more stress than anything else and the difference it makes to others will only be marginal.
  2. Schedule/give some memorable activities
    Positive, shared experiences increase happiness and wellbeing.
  3. Engage in creativity (and why not include your kids)
    Colouring in for adults anyone? Or any other activity that gets you into your creative flow.
  4. Plan your shopping
    That way you might be able to avoid some of the long queues and additional stresses.
  5. Don’t do everything yourself
    You are the one entertaining? Ask your guests to bring a dish or some decoration.
  6. Be realistic about who you can handle and for how long
    Recognizing your own needs and limitations and setting boundaries right at the beginning will keep this holiday experience more relaxed for everyone.
  7. Unplug for one day
    It’s the holidays. You don’t need to be available every day, 24/7. Give yourself the gift of a mini digital detox.
  8. Get a haircut
    It will make you feel so much better about yourself, which is what you want during your vacation. And it gives you some quality time to yourself.
  9. Do only one thing at a time
    It’s called mindfulness and gives your mind the chance to settle down. Focus your attention on the one thing you are doing and do it mindfully.
  10. When you eat (just) eat
    With all the special foods available during this special time of the year – give mindful eating a try. Pick one food, or when in the mall and you get a sample just pick one, and really savour it. Smell it, taste it, chew it slowly. Don’t just swallow it while you are already thinking about your next chore, but really taste the food with all your senses.

Which tip is your favourite? Maybe you are practising some of them already, so which one is new and you will give it a try this year?

Share your experiences with us right below in the comments, we love to hear from you.